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Welcome to our World of Birds and Nature. The two of us at Bird Explorers, Kevin and Wojciech, are trying to photograph every bird and mammal species on Earth, as well as all other flora and fauna we can find, to promote the awareness, conservation and astonishing beauty of our planet's amazing wildlife.

Bird Explorers is a 2-person, non-profit venture designed to promote bird and wildlife conservation though photography. We freely share our photos with museums, universities, schools, conservation groups, libraries and worthy causes throughout the world.

To date, the two of us have taken over 1-million photos of 20,000+ animal and plant species from 116 countries, and still counting. We are now very busy uploading this archive to iNaturalist and iGo-Terra, but we are much better at taking photos then processing them!! All photos are taken by either Wojciech or Kevin usually on joint expeditions that we do together.

We follow a photographic code of conduct of "do no harm and leave no trace". Any photos of nests or young are taken at appropriate distances, and with minimal disturbance.

We at Bird Explorers feel that as the birds, wildlife, animals and nature have blessed and enriched us so much and given our lives so much meaning and purpose, it is our utmost responsibility to promote environmental awareness and credible, scientific-based, public policy that promotes nature and wildlife conservation and animal welfare. As a natural extension, Bird Explorers also promotes human rights and peace-building causes and political candidates and progressive parties that have strong ethical beliefs for animals, people and the environment that we both share.

Since 2016, we are proud and active members of the “Resistance” around the world, working for Protection of the Environment, Conservation, Animal Welfare, Human Rights, Gender and Race Equality, Ethics, Accountability and Transparency and Climate Sanity to help protect our beautiful planet and Earth’s amazing biodiversity.

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Due to the high volume of photographs we take and all the different places we visit, we can easily make mistakes when uploading photos and related data notes, as well as identifications (as taxonomy is not a static process), so we very much welcome any corrections, questions or comments, but please try to include an explanation with any corrections, so we can learn as we go. Thanks to everyone who takes the time and effort to help improve our entries and correct any errors!!

Additional Note: Due to the COVID situation we remained in Fiji from March 2020 until November 2021, and thus have taken up reef and underwater photography in a big way, so we are adding heaps of fish and marine life to this global collection.

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