Barbara Schneider

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Born in Germany and still living there. Profession: Graphic Designer. Second home: Southern and East Africa. Special interests: Nature, nature, nature, especially plants, in particular succulents. Status: still and forever learning; grateful for all the expert's support on inaturalist (and, as a former member of ispot, thank you to all the experts who stayed there) to improve my knowledge and to write, at least, correct travelogues about my trips to my second home as far as possible. See: my literary and photografic effusions on Formal apology: Texts in German ;-)

Thanks a lot to all of you!

These articles/papers could be interesting for you (also in German, but why don't you use Google translate):

REMARKABLE PROPERTIES OF SEVERAL SPECIES (a non-scientist tries to explain for non-scientists)

Capsule and dispersal mechanisms of Aizoaceae (
Mutillidae - Insect's Superwomen (
Gyrinidae - Little dervishs with buildt-in turbo (

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