Samantha Heller

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NWA Master Naturalist;
professional chigger finder,
amateur* everything else.

*semi-professional amateur, presently doing seasonal field work for the Southeastern Grasslands Institute.

Interested in everything, but best at botany.

Tallgrass prairie / glade appreciator trapped in the degraded thicket-forests of the Arkansas Ozarks.

Huge fan of mayhaws.

Anything nicer than the 'diagnostic shots' I post here usually end up on my Instagram, Aux Arc Wildflowers 😉🍀

Aux Arc is the original French for Ozark. Bonus fun fact, Smackover, AR-- in Union County, where my family is from-- gets its name from the French 'sumac couvert', as in, covered in native sumac plants.

My first "spark plant" was Dutchman's Britches (Dicentra cucullaria), mentioned by a beloved high school English teacher of mine-- that was the first time I asked my botanist/birder mother about a plant and didn't think it was lame that she was immediately trying to drag me out to go see them.

Well, I probably did... but I went along with it nonetheless.

Spark plant #2, a few years later, happened to be Violet Woodsorrel (Oxalis violacea), which finally convinced me to start getting to know our local plants by their names instead of just looking at them.

Everything just went downhill from there...


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