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My parents instilled the love and study of nature in me. That curiosity has driven me to explore no matter where I am. Currently I am driven, when not working full-time and being mom and wife, or volunteering at the local state park, to find and record as many species as I can in my NW corner of the Mojave Desert. This is an area woefully ignored and under researched. I feel the clock ticking due to human impact, OHV, current and 100s of sq mi of future solar farms, and general expansion.

I am an avid birder and plant stalker but my first love is insects and I have recently refocused on them, literally.

Please be patient with me as I am very new to iNaturalist and have years worth of observations that I am uploading, locating, and adding IDs to.

My eBird profile:

A birding website, that I don't do a good job of maintaining, that I hope to expand to include all flora and fauna of the NW Mojave:

Favorite sites that I use for identification:
New Zealand Birds:

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