Babajide Agboola

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I am a conservation ecologist and veterinary professional with an array of experience and proven abilities in project coordinating, strategic planning, programme development, capacity building, institutional strengthening at both the national and regional levels. I have both policy and practical experience in the areas of veterinary governance, environmental management, conservation education and information dissemination. I have worked tirelessly as an advocate for the establishment of biodiversity management agency in Nigeria, speaking with government officials, civil society and members of the international community, the media and other professionals. I am the curator of the Ekiti Biodiversity Survey Project ( a project focusing largely on species diversity that is the variety of living organisms, including micro-organisms, fungi, plants and animals in Ekiti State, Nigeria where I presently volunteer as the project’s coordinator. I am an alumnus of the National Parks Institute’s Leading Strategic Change Executive Leadership Seminar UC Merced National Parks Institute, California. I have a Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Wildlife and Ecotourism Management. I am a strong administrator, excellent at developing strong respectful relationships with international and local partners, seeing the big picture, participating effectively in multiple projects and assignments at the same time while effectively managing human, financial and technical resources.

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