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I am an avid nature photographer and advocate for wildlife. Our planet is full of amazing plants and animals and we must do all we can to protect and conserve them.

Since joining iNaturalist I have learned an enormous amount and find that exploring nature is one of the best experiences one can have. Interacting with others who have the same appreciation for nature has also been a great benefit of the iNat community. Though I do have goals of finding as many species as possible, it is the experience of being in nature that motivates me to get out every day and share my findings with this community.

I'm also excited about the opportunity to document local wildlife that is often overlooked. The more we know about what is around us, the better our chances of protecting it.

A note about my photos: While most of my photos are copyrighted, please contact me if you would like to use any of them, particularly for educational or research purposes.

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