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05 de febrero de 2014

3 iconic taxa observations

On my way to class, I was delighted to see a fox squirrel jumping about. It reminded me of a funny squirrel joke made by Eddy Izzard (if you dont know what I'm talking about, I highly recommend you watch his skit Dressed to Kill). The squirrel was cute, and I'm happy to see many of this animal taxa, species, running around campus freely. After my class, I noticed this baby tree, which I am pretty sure is a natural occurrence because it looked like a weed growing up near the side walk path. I think this baby tree is likely from seeds spread from a near by tree from it's plant taxa, tree friends. When I got home, I noticed that my roommate had a pile of closed tupperware with leftover scraps from his dinners laying around on his side of the room. I figured this was a great opportunity for a scientific observation, so I bravely opened on of the smelly containers to discover some mold growing on his leftover quinoa. Normally, he's a really fun guy; but I should inform him that the fungi situation growing in his leftovers isn't attractive, unless you're looking for science observation.

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