18 de mayo de 2023

Updated Pocket Identification Guide to the Primates of East Africa

A 2nd edition of the excellent Primates of East Africa identification guide has been published, with some updates to taxonomy and distribution (see Chlorocebus spp.) specifically.
A free PDF version is available here: https://shorturl.at/mptGO

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11 de julio de 2018

New species of Gint described from Northern Kenya

Very exciting news for Kenya! New genus for Kenya and new species altogether - described from Northern Kenya. Gint childsi, a scorpion from the family Buthidae, representing the Southern-most boundary for this genus (all other representatives are from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Somaliland), and named after eminent Kenyan herpetologist, Anthony Childs, who collected the type specimens.
This is why we want to see your scorpion photos. When something unusual comes up, someone needs to go collect it and send it in for analysis.

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