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18 de enero de 2021

Being wrong is fun!

It's always exciting when I am (or might be) wrong

That's when I learn! And, occasionally, when my species count goes up :)

People are typically very nice about it

They don't criticize and often acknowledge that they, too, are learning. I think people who like nature are mostly just like that. Of course, nature is good for us and inaturalist encourages courtesy. With the discussions we get into, some folks are starting to feel like friends I've never met (@wetlandfan, @elytrid, @greenscenery...).

They may or may not explain their reasoning

But, I stop and realize that some of these folks are doing massive numbers of IDs and being asked to render final opinions when other experts are puzzling. That's a lot of work and time.

But when they do, it's Awesome

When folks take time to educate me, I really appreciate it! With apologies to those I left out, here are a few (in no particular order):

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