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08 de mayo de 2014

Treasure Hunt

I went on my treasure hunt on Monday the 5th and had some difficulty with it. I tried to hunt on campus because of the time of the term. I set out looking for Bermuda buttercups, french brooms, and periwinkle. Unfortunately, I could not find any of these. I think I may have had a hard time on campus because of the difficult in seeing exactly on campus where they were located last year. I was able to find a daisy, coast live oak, and fox squirrel. They were not the most exciting species to relocate, but were easy to spot.

After more than an hour on campus looking for pretty flowers, I gave up and went for the easier to find species isolated on some Berkeley streets. In the surrounding neighborhood I was able to re-locate a dandelion, common ivy, Jade plant, and Calla lily. None of these were especially exotic, but the Jade plant was very beautiful.

The day before, on May 4th, I went on a hike in Redwood Regional Park for the extra credit. I thought it was going to be difficult to identify 25 different taxa, but was pleasantly surprised how easy it was! Those observations can be found here:

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