18 de agosto de 2023

TGP Iceland Trip 2023 (Trip)

Went with the Green Program to Iceland. Visited many locations throughout the Southwestern area of the island. Locations include Reykjavík, Þórsmörk, Black Sand Beach Vik, Hvolsvöllur, and more. Mostly focused on observing avians, but noted many plants and insects as well.

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07 de abril de 2023

Fish Crow vs American Crow Distribution in FL

Hey everybody! After being asked many times how it is possible to differentiate Fish Crows and American Crows, I decided to make a distribution map for these very similar species. Though it is very difficult to visually distinguish them, it can be possible in some places to determine which species you have just based on the location.
I’m in a GIS class at my university so using what we’ve learned about ArcGIS and dating importing I used research grade observations on our very own iNaturalist to create a map of their distribution! Since I can't post images in journals, I made a forum post about it which you can find here!


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