11 de septiembre de 2023

Back to Antalya

I had intended to do iNaturalist IDing these last three months but due to Vodafone's/Openreach's messing up the internet here and not being able to provide it in a timely way I've been with very little connection, which has been really good for some things, but prevented me doing various botanical projects, including iNaturalist IDs.
But I'll be back to Antalya end of September, and my main projects there will be to continue with botanical guides to my village near Edinburgh, to Britain, Antalya and also Turkey. The choice of the latter two (Antalya v Turkey) will depend on how thoroughly an Antalya group of species (e.g. Genus or Family or theme) covers the Turkish scene and what pictures are available to make them to supplement my own. Any encouragement on that front will be greatly appreciated for motivation :) My aim is that they should be bi-lingual in the end, though I'll usually prepare them in English first.
So that's my current story, hope you're all well :)

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