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04 de septiembre de 2017


Mexico was awesome! But my camera kept on fogging up inside because of the humidity, and I don't take very good underwater photos. I was in Cancun from the 26th of August to the 2nd of September. We took one excursion where we went to Coba, Tulum, and the Cenotes.

In the day, iguanas patrolled, and at night, these geckos would come out. I went out that night, and came back with like fifty bug bites from a swarm of mosquitos I only brushed through in a couple seconds. It was pretty terrifying. The beach was right next to the resort, and although the waves were rougher than I've swum in before, there were such beautiful fish underneath.

I went on a tour to Coba, Tulum, and the Cenotes. It was nice, but also restricted because I couldn't just wander off and explore the areas for wildlife. Also, there was this group of children that smushed a jumping spider right after I took a photo of it.

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