06 de mayo de 2018

Hedge Nettles in Point Reyes

Discovered there are 3 varieties of Hedge Nettles in Point Reyes according to the NPS website
https://www.nps.gov/pore/learn/nature/upload/plantspecieslist_flowering.pdf -- look under Lamiaceae (Mint Family)

Stachys ajugoides var. ajugoides Marsh Hedge Nettle
Stachys ajugoides var. rigida Rigid Hedge Nettle or Rough Hedge Nettle
Stachys chamissonis Coast Hedge Nettle

From what I understand doing a quick reading the simplest distinction is the Marsh Hedge Nettle has red-tipped leaf edges, and the Coast Hedge Nettle has a long stem with a pyramid shape with continuous long tubular magenta flowers. So, I guess everything is a Rigid or Rough Hedge Nettle. The Coast Hedge Nettle is the easiest to identify. The other two look very similar to me.

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