17 de diciembre de 2018


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I decided to continue the discussion from https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/9783547 so as not to flood the observer with notifications from comments.

So far I've translated the description for Poekilloptera aurantiaca, once I translate the rest i'll put them in the comments.

Poekilloptera aurantiaca:
P. phalaenoides [is] similar and only distinguished by the fact that the body and the cover wing are orange-yellow colored. The black spots on the deck-wings form several slow-moving slow of the costa and clavus-corium seam and in the clavus while the middle of the corium and the apicalthel are unspotted. The wings are also reddish. The end-half of the four front rails and the tarsen, as well as the spikes of the spiked ones, blackened behind. Otherwise as in P. phalaenoides*.
Length: 20 mm.
South America, Chile (2 specimens (female) in the Museum in Bremen.)
*I assume "as in" means that all other parts of the planthopper that are not mentioned are also on P. phalaenoides.
*'four front rails' probably identifies the legs.

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