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10 de febrero de 2024

Wasp-Inspired Insulation

As many of you know, my company – Owlfly LLC – is working to develop a new kind of thermal insulation for buildings inspired by the way wasps construct their nests. Our insulation product (which we’ve appropriately named YellowJacket) is certified as more efficient than nearly all commercially-available fiberglass insulation, and we’re creating better prototypes every month. Last year the US government took interest in our work and awarded us SBIR grant funding for further R&D.

As part of the grant, we are required to conduct 30 interviews of potential customers. The idea is to gather information so we can fit our product to the market as best as we can prior to launch.

If you are a HVAC contractor, architect, engineer, distributor, or homeowner, we want to hear from you! Please contact me if you would like to participate in a brief interview. Every piece of feedback helps us forge the future of insulation technology!

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