27 de octubre de 2023

Windows keyboard shortcuts.

There are a few common species in your area that always come up very often. You know its identity in a split of a second. However, the scientific names or common names are very long. On the computer, we use the Copy and Paste method using the mouse to enter the names. The 2 keyboard shortcuts below may be useful.



To optimise the time, I open a WordPad document, put ten names into the document. The names are spaced and enlarged to facilitate easy copy and paste. I'll go to iNat's Identify tab and filter by my country and/or the type of organism. Those you know instantly, you can agree by clicking agree. There are those that needs to suggest ID. It will be by toggling between the Wordpad document and iNat's identify screen. It is possible to Copy and Paste the names of some very common species from an online reference such as from Wikipedia, internet websites, Plants of the World Online, Local University's articles, or from iNat itself. By putting the names into a Wordpad document, it saves time.

Just thinking about this only. By using the mouse to Copy and paste, or [CONTROL] +C, [CONTROL]+ V, it is several clicks. If there can be an app that is a one click and it stores the name in the cache memory, that will be faster. I've lost touch with tech stuff. Perhaps there are software out there that can load names in one click of a thumbnail image, or have fast selection from a list of several names. I think I'll just stick to the Wordpad document.

Just a thought that comes to my mind. Trivial stuff.

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07 de marzo de 2022

Artifical Intelligence

It is amazing computers can come up with the names of many observed animals and plants instantly these day. It may even be scary. There are several apps. Some are free , some may have subscriptions. There is no 100% accurancy yet.
Stephen Hawking said AI may doom mankind. "The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race," These words I'll have to parrot on for the rest of my life. What he said is in the internet.
Today, 2 comments I made in other people's observations didn't get through. Did the computer censor my comments ? or due to some glitch like high traffic. or someone flagged my comments ? I did click F5 to reflesh before the button changed colour.

How will Artificial Intelligence fail to work ? I believe currently the world is running on electricity. The current war at Ukraine shows that in a conventional war, they take out the electrical power generation. In a war , petrol or diesel powered vehicles and tanks will still have advantages over EV cars.

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05 de marzo de 2022

Newbie's comments

I got onto this platform recently. I'm thinking of jumping ship from a very popular social network, or simply spending less time on it to break my addiction to routines. I may develop another routine though. World people really need to get out of the chair and go outdoor to get some sun instead of spending too much time on the computer.
There is no editing of the comments. No deleting. Did I miss some buttons somewhere ? I'll just have to be more careful with my grammar. Not a lot of activity discussing about the observations or casual comments within my country. I guess any comments will be seen by world people.

I'm going to say " Research Grade" sounds somewhat stern. I do not know the general sentiments , how people are feeling over this word "Research Grade". Perhaps you can say Data is complete. or Data Partially completed. You don't have to tell us what you are going to do with our content such as photos. Of course, with a reasonable understanding that you don't track us using our phone data, and some other moves Big Tech is rumoured to be using on people. I do understand that the photos will be public dormained with some copyrights retained.

Just has someone commented yesterday that I have some additional obligations for science. Programmers ought to make things simplier. I've read through some beginner's notes. I think I skimmed through like I read the instruction manuals of some devices.

On the topic of Cultivated and Wild, I've this to say... Charles Darwin made some observations at his home on domesticated animals as well as wild animals. That was after his travels around America. He corresponded with scientists and people like Alfred Wallace through letters, which was the mode of communication in their times. He might've seen something and arrived at some ideas. I read that he studied pigeons, make notes on Goldfish, and some breeds of domesticated animals such as sheeps It may be something about the plasticity of the lifeforms. He knew about the varieties of plants can be complicated in naming them as the species or varieties.
Alfred Wallace meanwhile was collecting specimens throughout the world. He was here in the malay archipelago back in the day. Some say they arrived at the same theory. I read in books of a monk called Gregor Mendel. He studied peas. I'm just parroting what I remember.
New organisms might have part of the genes of other creatures.
I guess modern scientists making IDs could be overworked if they looked into too many domesticated organisms. If there can be some algorithm to sift out what they want, that will be a positive situation.

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