27 de marzo de 2024

Fascieux Creek restoration 10 years later

Today, my girlfriend and I visited Fascieux Creek in Kelowna BC. Ten years ago she was hired to help restore the creek as it had been buried in cement and the Western Painted Turtles were no longer being seen. She was so excited at the possibility of coming back to the site all this time later to see how the creek was doing. We found it to be thriving in the beauty of the setting sun. Many plants, threes and struts were growing. Cattails with a shy animal living among their shelter. Ducks. Birds and bugs flying. Some Coyote running in the field. More ducks and Canada Geese landing. It was a beautiful thing to see and especially the look on my Darling’s face to see how well nature has come back to a place she was only just digging into and hoping. Under the guidance of Tim who was masterminding the placement of ever rock. For the last 10 years only a memory of possibility in her mind. That place in Canada. Now a reality before her eyes.
I do wonder if the turtles ever came back. I didn’t see any and there have been no observations of any wildlife on iNaturalist in the creek. Nearby in the Munson Pond Park there have been many observations. Is there a way to get the turtles to go from the pond to the creek? And the garbage. We must organize a day to all clean it up. Will need tall rain boots and garbage bags and hopefully not disturb the nature that is there. Before the bushes get too big. Best to do it with Tim or the Central Okanagan Naturalists Club since they are local. All in all it was a beautiful reconnection and a wonderful restoration project!

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