27 de febrero de 2020

Recording the life in Ottery.

My name is Alfredo and I have lived in Ottery all my life.

There is a lot of photographs I have taken of the life that lives in my area, now I need to upload them so the life here can be documented. I am not trained but I am learning a great deal. Part of me wishes I had done things sooner to document the life here as it is diverse and rich, some of which I have only memory from childhood.

By uploading these pictures I hope to achieve several goals:

  1. Document the natural life here.
  2. Educate myself.
  3. Educate the community.
  4. Bring awareness to the natural life in the area as to take steps to treat it better.

This is a learning and growing opportunity; I thank all of you that ID, correct and comment on my posts, it helps me a lot.

Alfredo Reinaldo Lobo das Neves

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