Winner of May Photo-observation of the Month

The May photo-observation contest winner by popular vote was by Kent McFarland. His macro photograph of a Giant Water Bug brought out the science fiction love in some of us. This one showed up at his black light on his back deck while mothing. Check it out at Get outside and add your discoveries and you could be a June winner!

Publicado el martes, 01 de julio de 2014 a las 03:06 PM por kpmcfarland kpmcfarland


I just take ugly photos so I don't have to choose candidates for next month. Just kidding... but that water bug is pretty incredible.

Anotado por charlie hace mas de 9 años

The "reward" of choosing the next month's photos is...well...not easy. I am faced with a heck of a lot of photos to go through!

Anotado por kpmcfarland hace mas de 9 años

Yeah, what's taking so long anyway? I also use Charlie's tactic.

Anotado por kylejones hace mas de 9 años

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