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Many of you are on the hunt for the prizes for naturalist of the year announced in our last post. Now, by popular demand, we're starting a monthly photo-observation contest here at the Vermont Atlas of Life. We'll choose four photos from observations each month and post them here. Photo observations will be chosen on artistic, scientific and overall "wow" impact. It might be a beautiful shot, an amazing sighting captured, a neat behavior, or whatever catches the editor's eye. We'll ask for a volunteer editor each month to select the four finalists. Next month's editor is Kyle Jones. Let us know if you'd like to be the editor for March. To vote, you simply write a comment for the one you like most. The photograph with the most votes wins.

Vote for January! Voting closes in one week.

Publicado el 20 de febrero de 2013 a las 12:53 PM por kpmcfarland kpmcfarland


1. I love these tracks in the snow. So January.

Anotado por kpmcfarland hace mas de 11 años

All birds? :) I guess plants are a bit drab this time of year. Anyway, tough choice but I think I am going with #2. I love the way the cardinal seems to be steeling itself against the snow.

Anotado por charlie hace mas de 11 años

Can I vote for myself? Actually, I don't want to anyway. My vote goes to #4, Jane Ogilvie's beautiful Common Merganser picture.

Anotado por rpayne hace mas de 11 años

I'm going with #2 as well. Never get tired of cardinal shots in winter.

Anotado por susanelliott hace mas de 11 años

1. I love the whole tracking scene when not much else is going on (visibly) in winter. All great photos though.

Anotado por kylejones hace mas de 11 años

I'm voting for that merganser.

Anotado por susan3 hace mas de 11 años

I like the Pine Grosbeak.

Anotado por khemeon hace mas de 11 años

common merg

Anotado por joannerusso hace mas de 11 años

The Common Merganser!

Anotado por sallen hace mas de 11 años

All worthy pictures, but I go with Pine Grosbeak... it's been so nice to have them back this winter, I feel like that pic is one of the ways I'll remember winter 2012/13.

Anotado por larry522 hace mas de 11 años

Voting is Closed! Thanks everyone for participating!

Anotado por kpmcfarland hace mas de 11 años

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