Week in Review: Jan 31 - Feb 6, 2016

Not sure why these break tags are being inserted between these divs:

Here's some ideas for visualizations that could accompany a 'Week in Review' post.

1) Basic leaderboard of stats for the week (based on posted on) 2) Map showing observations posted during the week: 3) Some sort of chart that show the top observers. This one toggles between the top 100 and the top 5 for the week (could do the same for identifiers). 4) A chart that shows number of obs by country (circle size) but also, 'trending' countries with higher than normal activity. Note Bolivia, for example where Nicolas went on vacation this week. Also shows top 5 countries (maybe show top observer below each one?) 5) Same thing but with taxon categories. Note unusual amounts of ducks, bivalves, and cacti 6) Some sort of graph that puts the week in historical context. Maybe ranks the weeks by number of obs and shows this week's rank alongside the top 10 ever. Maybe shows top observer for each week:
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