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The 2019 City Nature Challenge is coming up soon! Please join in the fun April 26 through April 29, as San Diego County competes against areas around the world to see who can make the most observations of nature, find the most species, and engage the most people in the Challenge. Last year, San Diego placed in the top 3 in all categories. Let’s meet or beat last year’s record! We can't let San Francisco beat us again! If you participated last year, thank you, and we hope you will do so again this year. If you are new to the Challenge, just jump right in and submit observations from anywhere in San Diego County over the 4-day period.
Set a goal: make 100 observations over the 4-day period; or find 10 species new to you; or submit more observations per day than you have on any prior day since you started using iNat; or come up with your own goal! Maybe you can outdo last year's top observer who contributed 992 observations of 569 species during the 4 days of the ...más ↓

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Sweetwater Reservoir is a 960-acre (390 ha) artificial lake in San Diego County, California, formed by the Sweetwater Dam on the Sweetwater River. Construction of the dam was completed in 1888.

The area surrounding the reservoir is home to several species, including least Bell's vireo and the California gnatcatcher. It lies near the census-designated places of Bonita, La Presa and ...más ↓

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