100,000 Verifiable Observations!

Late last night the 100,000th verifiable observation was uploaded for South Australia!

Quick Stats:
  • 1,936 observers have uploaded records of 5,870 species across the state
  • 68.3% of all verifiable observations are Research Grade
  • 1,670 observations of 108 Threatened species
  • 6,700 observations of 418 Introduced species
  • Observations break down: 34.3% Vertebrates, 31.4% Plants, 16.6% Insects, 13.8% Other Animals, 2.6% Fungi, 0.8% Chromista

Congratulations to all who have contributed such amazing observations. The first 100k took quite a while, with the first observation from SA in mid-2011, reaching only 100 by mid-2013 and 1,500 by mid-2016. In fact, 95% of all observation in SA have been uploaded since the beginning of 2018. We are currently adding a new observation approximately every 7 minutes!

The number of local contributors is now growing rapidly. At the current rate of growth we are likely to reach 200,000 observations in less than 12 months. So keep those observations coming. 5,870 species represents only a small fraction of the biodiversity of our state. There's still so much to discover.

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