City Nature Challenge 2020: Greater Adelaide - Update

The 4 day observation period is over and observations continue to roll in. Currently in Greater Adelaide we have around 6,600 observations of 1,170 species by 183 observers with IDs provided by 240 users! The number of observations in these 4 days, and just in the Greater Adelaide region, is already higher than our previous MONTHLY record for the whole state! As a country we recorded over 22,000 observations of 3,900 species from 1,200 observers with IDs provided by 580 users. Congratulations to all who have participated and those contributing from around the state. Identifications can still be provided up to the end of May 3rd. If you wish to help with IDs check out this helpful post from the global City Nature Challenge project.
My favourite image from this challenge is not from a particular observation. It is the observation map, of which a small section is shown below. This map represents the adventures of 183 people (plus other people from around the state and any "tag-alongs") to discover what the natural world has to offer. The 6,600 observation records are valuable and contribute to research and conservation efforts, but they are a secondary function of iNaturalist. The primary function has always been to encourage people to experience and appreciate the natural world and to share what they discover. To encourage people to take a moment to stop and consider a small piece of the natural environment in which we all live. These observations represent 6,600 instances where people took such a moment, and gained a greater appreciation and understanding of a local species. It doesn't really matter if the observation was of something common or something rare, whether the photos were good or bad, or whether it was recorded in the most inaccessible valley or in your backyard. All that matters is what you take away from it.

So remember to upload any observations you may still have from the 4 observation days, check out what others have uploaded and help with IDs where you can. There are still a few more days before the final results are tallied.

With so very many great observations coming in, it is hard to look at them all. If you have a favourite observation and would like to share it, go ahead and post it and the story behind it in the comments section below. Don't forget to include the link. And if you see any you like, don't forget to 'fave it'.
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Anotado por cobaltducks hace cerca de 4 años

A Variable Peacock Spider ( The first Peacock Spider I’ve uploaded. I only spotted this by chance while photographing another species at ground level. Usually I would not bother as such tiny species tend to vanish into the leaf litter before I can get clear photos. But this one ignored me and the camera, and even pivoted in front of the lens so I could record different angles.

Anotado por cobaltducks hace cerca de 4 años

Great photo of the Peacock Spider @cobaltducks - I would love to see one of them one day!

My fave for the weekend was an Ant-mimic spider ( that joined us for lunch. It took a while to convince my partner that it wasn't an ant, but there was something un-ant-like about its movements. I hadn't even realised we had these in Adelaide so great to find one.

It was also great to be inspired by CNC and @stephen169 to try a moth-night (did mine on Friday instead of Sunday) which turned up interesting visitors such as this Lantern Fly
Also appreciate the effort the organisers have put in to make it all happen!

Anotado por dgobbett hace cerca de 4 años

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