iNat Year in Review & City Nature Challenge 2020

With 2019 over, the iNaturalist Year in Review stats page is now available. The month of April producing almost 2 million observations, many of which were due to the annual iNat City Nature Challenge that included 159 cities in 2019. This year several Australian cities have signed up to the challenge for the first time, including Sydney, Geelong, Redlands City, and Greater Adelaide. You can sign up for the City Nature Challenge: Greater Adelaide HERE which runs from April 24th to 27th.

A 2019 Year in Review page is also available for iNaturalist Australia with over 319,000 observations of 18,500 species.

Personal Year in Review pages can also be created by pasting the following URL into your browser, and adding your username in place of "username". If you have not generated this page before, you will need to click "Generate Stats". If you have created it before, you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Regenerate Stats" to ensure the page is up to date.

Personal Year in Review Page URL: "". Feel free to share your Year in Review page in the comments section below.

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