Project Scope Update

At present this project is set up to only include the observations uploaded by the project members, provided they are residing in South Australia (or ex-resident). This means the observations included in the project represent approximately 55% (~34,000) of all observations recorded in South Australia. The remaining 45% (~28,000) are either observations from local residents who are not project members, or from visitors to SA.

I am planning to alter this so that ALL observations from SA are included. The project focus will remain the same, with a membership of only those residing in South Australia with knowledge of local places and species. The effects of this change will be:

The observations and species totals on the project page will change to the SA totals, and the ‘stats’ tab will reflect this.
The project “Users” list will change from individual members names to “any”.
The “Most Observations”, “Most Species” and “Most Observed Species” leader boards will include all observers who uploaded any observations in SA, even if they are not project members. (For example, this will put the “questagame’ account on the leader boards as it currently has the 3rd highest number of observations in the state).

Please let me know in the comments section if you prefer the current format or have any concerns with the change. I think including all observations for the state will better show the effect of all our contributions.

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