36. iNaturalist Discord groep heeft een presentatie 23:59 22 November

Op de society en chat computer is een presentatie om 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern.


Op de iNaturalist Discord server geeft de iNaturalist staff een voice chat met iNaturalist mensen (11/21) (24:00 Amsterdam time)

If you haven’t already paid us a visit over on Discord, here’s an invite link: https://discord.gg/eCD4WvT 10 that will put you in the #introductions channel. From there, just scroll down to the Voice Channels and join :speaker:General to listen, and use #vc-general for text interactions.

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On the Discord chat platform, we have developed a bot called Dronefly for accessing iNat in conversations. To use it, join a Discord server where it is present and try some of the examples explained in this tutorial.

In the screenshots below, you will find conversations between various of our users and the Dronefly bot. Each conversation shows a line typed by the user followed by the bot’s response. Except for link previews, the user typically starts their message with the command prefix, which is a comma (,) immediately followed with a command and then its parameters. For example, in the second screenshot you can see ,sp used to search for a species matching the parameter.

The main ways to interact with the bot are illustrated below.


Just cut-and-paste an observation link in any channel. This is one of the few texts Dronefly responds to without being specifically requested for a response via a command starting with a comma. Dronefly responds to observation links to supplement Discord’s own automatic image preview with a summary of the important information on the page.


Type enough words to the ,taxon command (abbreviated ,t) to match. To narrow it down, type the name of the rank. You can also use in to match within another taxon, e.g. ,t prunella in birds to distinguish from Prunella (self-heals). Basic usage is shown below using ,sp, a shortcut for ,taxon species. See ,help taxon for more examples.


You’ll notice a list of iNat user ids at the bottom with counts of observations & species (actually leaf taxon nodes, as iNat counts taxa). To help others in the conversation review & compare their observations of that taxon, you may click the buttons on the bottom to add or remove yourself or any other user who has shared their iNat profile.


Use the ,image command (abbrevated ,img) to show a taxon’s default image.



Any observation that has a sound will preview the first one. On the desktop, this shows as an inline player. On mobile, tap the link to download & play on your usual audio player.


A popular bot feature requested from our Discord users is to map the ranges of multiple taxa together. Use the ,map command, followed by a comma-delimited list of taxa.


Note: to better see where ranges overlap, individual map layers can be toggled. Look for the “Overlays” icon in the upper right corner and hover over it to open the menu, then tick or untick the checkboxes.


To determine the common ancestor of multiple taxa, use the ,related command:


More information about a display

To show another image for the most recently shown observation, use ,last obs img:


Numerous other ,last subcommands be used to retrieve other information about a taxon or an observation. See ,help last to list more examples.

Learning more commands

You can type ,help iNat and the bot will respond with an index of all of the commands it can respond to. You can use the ,help command to get help for each command and subcommand (i.e. multi-word commands arranged in a hierarchy under the main command). For example, ,help last for help with the ,last command and to show its subcommands, ,help last obs, for help with the ,last obs subcommand, and to show its subcommands, etc.


Where do I go to use all this?

You’re welcome to join the unofficial iNaturalist Discord server with this invite link:


Where can I download it?

While most users will simply want to interact with Dronefly already running on Discord, if you’re a developer, you might want to download it & modify it. You can find the project on Github:



Thanks to all of the iNat Discord server users for your feature suggestions, testing & feedback that has helped shaped the bot to meet your needs. There are too many of you to list you all!

Some of you have also gone one step further and posted issues to the public issues system & submitted patches which are now included in the code. Thanks for all your contributions!

Thanks also to the Red Discord Bot developers and user community who have written & maintain the bot framework that powers Dronefly. Not only have the produced excellent code without which Dronefly could not exist, but also have personally given me some of their time to review my code & ideas as we worked out the kinks and added new features.

And of course, thanks to the iNaturalist devs who have also been very quick to respond & patient with me as I (sometimes clumsily) have tried to explain what I’m doing & the issues that have arisen while trying to use the iNat API. They’ve been very responsive squashing bugs, taking time to explain how things work, and even adding features to the API that made my job easier & made it possible for me to roll out more features to our users.

There is an unofficial Discord server, run by some pretty neat folks. Here’s the link to join:

https://discord.gg/uskv2yx 264

Come on over and join the fun.

I’m not sure how to edit the original post, but I wanted to note that the invite link has since changed: https://discord.gg/eCD4WvT


Maak je geen zorgen, het is ons allemaal wel eens overkomen! Er zijn twee verschillende plekken waar je het wachtwoord opnieuw kunt instellen:

  1. De website van Discord

Controleer of je bent afgemeld en ga naar https://discordapp.com/login. Klik op ‘wachtwoord vergeten?’ onder het wachtwoordveld:

Er is -- als ik het goed begrepen heb -- een nieuwe native fotokiezer in iOS 14 die onder andere een zoekveld ondersteund tijdens het selecteren van foto's uit de fotogalerij. Ook zijn de prestaties beter bij het laden/browsen van albums in iCloud. Daarnaast is er ook ondersteuning voor het bladeren van BESTANDEN ipv allen de FOTOKIEZER, op die manier kunnen ook bestanden uit een map geladen worden ipv alleen uit de fotogalerij.

Discord is een freeware instant messaging- en VoIP-applicatie en digitaal distributieplatform dat ontworpen is voor het creëren van virtuele gemeenschappen, variërend van gamers tot onderwijs en bedrijven. Discord is gespecialiseerd in tekst-, beeld-, video- en audiocommunicatie tussen gebruikers in een guild.

Discord wordt ondersteund op Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux en in webbrowsers. Op 21 juli 2019 waren er meer dan 250 miljoen gebruikers van de software.[1]

Discord maakt gebruik van guilds (door gebruikers ook wel "servers" genoemd) en kanalen vergelijkbaar met Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Een gebruiker kan een server starten op Discord, en heeft het beheer over zichtbaarheid en toegang. Vervolgens kunnen een of meer chat- en spraakkanalen worden gestart binnen Discord waarin men met elkaar kan chatten en videobellen.

iNaturalist Discord groep heeft een presentatie 23:59 22 November (36)

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Invite link: https://discord.gg/eCD4WvT


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