Gaborone City Nature Challenge 2020

Over 250 cities around the globe are taking part in the 2020 City nature Challenge.

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can game species at places like Mokolodi Nature Reserve be included?

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I see the problem ! Large mammals in Mokolodi Nature Reserve near Gaborone have been introduced ( or perhaps their parents or grandparents) so are they captive ? I guess rhinos at Khama Rhino Sanctuary near Serowe are the same ! And other game farms. Let's ask @tonyrebelo for his expert opinion.
Also plants in the National Museum Botanical garden !
Thanks @tuli

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You need a FAQ anticipating these questions. I can post one if you like ...

Yes, game species in a nature reserve can be posted as WILD, provided they have bred, and that they are living off the veld and are not being supplementarily fed (other than a game lick or two).
If this is just a glorified zoo (or in fact any other zoo in the Gaborone area), it can still validly be observed for the challenge, but must be ticked CAPTIVE (or planted if a plant planted in the botanical gardens, or in city parks).

Captive/Planted still count to the City Nature Challenge. To some extent it is cheating, but all cities will be doing this, so dont feel bad. Especially important are street and garden plants which contribute to the fabric of the city ecology and support pollinators, insects, entire communities. Although planted they ARE the urban ecology and need to be documented. So although iNaturalist focusses on wild plants and animals, the City Nature Challenge also has a very strong component of urban ecology and documenting which trees and shrubs dominate different parts of the city in 2020 is a very important aspect of the challenge. Especially if Polyphagous Shothole Borer and other future factors (fungi, climate change, fashions, invasive status) are going to change the face of our future cities, it is very worthwhile to record it in detail, if you have the volunteers and workforce.
((see & School Gardens project - still being designed )).

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@tuli Thanks @tonyrebelo. I wont use the word 'wild' too much. I want to get tree planting in Gabs area being documented on Inat and also perhaps there is a need to get tree removal documented as well. We are just starting ! The FAQ would be really useful and any pdfs, jpgs of flyers and posters which could be used as samples for adaption. Thanks for all your help and advice.

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