Pillar Point Fieldtrip on Sunday leave Berkeley at 9:30AM

Hi Everyone,

Low tide on Sunday is at 11:00AM so lets meet at Pillar Point at 10:30AM. Its 1 hour from Berkeley so hit the road by 9:30AM. Please comment on this post if you (a) plan on coming and (b) need a ride or can drive
Charlie (guiltyascharged) can you still drive? I can drive but I'd prefer to meet people at the Mission 24th St BART station in SF. But if people need rides I can come to campus. Here's directions:
Once you park walk to the reef (yellow X) where others should be easy to find (so no need to wait in the parkinglot) call me at 415-278-1220 if there's a probelm.

Bring warm clothes it can get really chilly in the tide pools!

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I plan to go, and do need a ride. I am fine with meeting you at the specified BART station.

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I am planning on going and can give people rides. Call me at 831 239 1772 if you need a ride.

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Great - smvance70 wy don't you see if you can get a ride with guiltyascharged. If not, if you can meet me at 9:30 at 24th street Bart that would be great

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Charlie can give me a ride there, but not back to Berkeley. Would you be able to drive me back? Even if it's just to the nearest BART station that would be great.

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Anyone else planing on coming other than Stacie and Charlie? If so, I hope you have your own rides sorted. I've got 4 friends tagging along so should be a fun group

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