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Very good read! That should be published in a magazine or something. Well worth the time, "it's only time". Lots of interesting things I didn't know about the tree. I'll be coming back to it as a reference in the future I imagine.
I think my one tree that was hit hard by the lactura moths last year has finally recovered pretty well. I've only seen a few of those little caterpillars so far this year. Hopefully, we will get a good bloom and get to smell the sweet fragrant flowers this year. I'm going to have to be on the look out for that bumelia bee now too. Yes, there's nothing like seeing that giant green beetle buzzing around the tree.
Well done Sir and Thanks!

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@dusty_in_vilas-tx , thanks for your kind comments. I did post it on a few FB pages, like Master Naturalists and Native Plant
Society. In 2022, I saw no lactura larvae and there were only two or three flowers. All of the plants have fully recovered from the 2021 attack. I have never looked for the adult moths. Did you see any adults in 2022?

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