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Hello Bioblitz Participants,

Thank you all for your participation at the 3rd annual Sagehen Creek Bioblitz!! We are so grateful to you for your role as citizen scientists; adding to the database of the flora and fauna of the Sagehen Creek Basin.

As of today we have 243 observations recorded for this year's Bioblitz. Please visit the BioBlitz project page on iNaturalist to check up on the number of observations, different species, most observed taxa, who made the most obs, and other stats for this year's Bioblitz. In addition you will be able to see everyone's actual observations! It is a fun spot to "nature dork out" online.

Also, if you haven't already....PLEASE add/upload your observations!! Faerthen has been adding ID's to all the observations that have already been added and has offered to add ID's to all observations added by the end of this week (FRIDAY). After that, the ID's will be more slowly processed. So, please add your observations ...más ↓

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Welcome to the 2017 (3rd Annual) BioBlitz!

You bring your smartphone and enthusiasm, and together we’ll look for birds, mammals, reptiles, butterflies, insects, spiders, trees, and flowers within the Sagehen Creek Field Station. A BioBlitz is a detailed study of biodiversity in a specific location over a specified period of time, bringing experts and volunteers together. People of all ...más ↓

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