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Be prepared for the Bloom Blitz by...

-There is a small chance of rain on Sunday, so please come prepared with a rain coat or poncho. Light rain won't derail the trip, but thunder and lightning will and you don't know where you will be when this happens so just be prepared.

-Wear hiking boots preferably, if you don't have them wear comfortable close toed shoes.

-Bring sun block, bug spray, and a hat. The mosquitos are present this time of year, especially in Yosemite Valley, think about wearing long sleeves and long pants.

-Carry your water and lunch with you on the trail. You won't be returning to the campsites to make a lunch or stopping anywhere to pick anything up.

-Plan to share vehicles and carpool to the trailheads from the campgrounds. Many of the trailheads don't have a ton of parking.

-Be prepared for driving in the park to take longer than you expect because visitation numbers are way up this year. Weekend traffic on the South Side Drive in Yosemite Valley has ...más ↓

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This BioBlitz is part of a larger effort coordinated by the National Park Service (NPS) to celebrate the NPS Centennial. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the biodiversity of a park and contribute to our greater understanding of the biodiversity of the nation. In addition to obtaining valuable species information from targeted inventories with scientists, this is a tremendous ...más ↓

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