Ditch Townsend

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I am an avid tropical reef fish watcher, and have collaborated as a citizen scientist on a novel method for hobbyists (and professionals) to estimate species richness based on their observation lists (see the Methods in Ecology and Evolution blog for background and links: https://methodsblog.com/2017/06/06/citizen-science-biodiversity-statistics/).

I have a background in participatory community development and want to see sustainability, equity, and welfare in the live tropical marine fish trade (see Townsend, D. (2011). Sustainability, equity and welfare: A review of the tropical marine ornamental fish trade. SPC Live Reef Fish Information Bulletin, 20, 2-12).

I'm a bus driver in England, but interested in animal behaviour knowledge maps, ethograms, glossaries, and ontologies.

It is my wish that all of the content I have contributed to iNaturalist (photos, comments, etc.) remain on the site in the event of my death.

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