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Hardworking college student studying Ecosystem Restoration and Management at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Originally from Appleton, WI. I absolutely love nature and am hoping to help conserve it out there in the field with my bare hands as a career.

I am interested with all aspects of the ecosystem (it's all connected after all, why focus on just one piece) but my particular areas of interest are birds and plants. I am a very devoted birder and I don't let a day go by without at least an hour or so of birding. Plants I don't know quite as a well, but I try my best. I'm always learning!

I have a particular fascination with introduced species and their effects on the ecosystem. Just fascinating stuff. I go out of my way to observe and study these populations whenever I can.

Feel free to tag me for any reason you like. I'll try to help if I can.

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Profile picture: Canada Goose at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary (Green Bay, WI)

eBird profile: https://ebird.org/profile/OTI4ODQw

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