Matthew Lindsey

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About me: I'm a Christian homeschooler who is absolutely obsessed with Araneae (spiders) and loves absolutely everything about them, hence why I mostly only identify spiders. My biggest interests are in their spinneret and spigot morphology (which are extremely diverse, complex, and utterly fascinating). I'm also working on a field guide to all spider families.

About my photos: My photographs are licensed under CC-BY, so anyone can use them for absolutely anything as long as they credit me (Matthew Lindsey, not "huttonia"). I always want to photograph spider eyes, spinnerets, and other characters, and I hope at least some of my photographs will prove useful for scientific research or introducing spiders and other animals to the general public. I hope to see my photos in publications, but it would be nice if I'm informed so I know and can see it when it is finished! I take all of my photos with either my iPod touch 7th generation with a clip-on macro lens or my Canon EOS Rebel T7 with kit lens and almost always 7 to 49 mm macro extension tube. I also use the built-in flash sometimes. My profile photo is my favorite spider I've seen Oxyopes aglossus ("pumpkin-masked" lynx spider).

About my identifications: I try my very best to identify spiders everywhere in the world, not just around where I live. Sometimes I make mistakes with my identifications, but everyone makes mistakes and that is just one of the best ways of learning!

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