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There's no point in learning plant names: they won't come when you call them anyway.
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Interested in anything alive especially when it is tasty.

Cassi collected some tricks


Top 42 countries,CA,MX,AU,RU,GB,ZA,NZ,DE,IT,FR,TW,ES,BR,IN,HK,EC,CO,DK,PT,AR,CR,AT,MY,NL,FI,UA,CZ,CH,BE,ID,CN,SG,PL,PA,CL,JP,GR,SE,TH,HN,LU,PE,BO,CH,GR,LI,LT&verifiable=true&stats=observations,observers,species,identifiers

[quote="charlie, post:10, topic:27599"]
I shouldn’t post before I have coffee :)
we are living in complete chaos, that’s ecology. @charly
[quote="russellclarke, post:2, topic:31105"] doesn’t matter what happens today, because tomorrow things will be better.

Searching placeholders??
eg Userid< USERID>

Searching for notifications
use notification creation so that your notifications don’t disappear until you want them to: 1


[quote="kueda, post:42, topic:37927"]
It was a predictable situation, but we failed to predict it, so that’s on us, specifically on me.

[quote="bobmcd, post:50, topic:40910"]
Use it as a tool and not a rule…and check those notifications for disagreements…and check for mavericks.

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