C Welch

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I have loved being in nature for as long as I can remember, and one of my greatest joys now is sharing that love of the outdoors with my children. In particular, I find the most thrill in locating and identifying wildflowers on our hikes and watching bird interactions in all settings.

I volunteer at the Natural History Museum of Utah with their digital citizen science programs teaching others how to use iNaturalist and field guides to observe and identify organisms. I also helped with the Nature All Around Us exhibit where my daughter and I discussed fox squirrels that were recently introduced to Utah.

I also volunteer with Hawkwatch International. As a docent I get to take their education ambassador birds to various community events and organizations to teach the public about birds of prey. I also assist with some of their citizen science initiatives like American Kestrel Nest Monitoring, Studies in Urban Raptor Ecology, and Short Eared Owl Studies.

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