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Hi, I'm a nature enthusiast with a heart to grow my knowledge of species around the world. I've had a passion for the Flora and Fauna of our planet since a child, and Inaturalist has been an important asset to nurture this. I love traveling and trying my best to expand my species collection any time I get the opportunity.


"Nature is a real wonder! With all its​ organisms, however small or big they are, they always keep surprising us. When I first found out about Inaturalist, I was truly happy. I always wanted an app that could tell me the species/name of an organism, if I only took a picture of it. This app should be more widely spread." - wise words from 2017 me


  • Currently majoring in Environmental Science at Fordham University
  • Want to be a...(help)
  • @maritzam13 💕

100 observations ✓
100 species ✓
1,000 observations ✓
1,000 species ✓
1,124 observations ✓
1,124 species ✓
1,500 observations ✓
1,500 species
1,776 observations ✓
1,776 species

Life goals:

  • Find a new species.
  • 10,000 species or more???
  • Visit each continent: 3.5/7...

Project Link:

Proud Observations:

(totally not the profile of each species)

Honorable Mention: (Geico can save you 15% or more...)

I'm always open to discussions! :)

"Right a few wrongs and hope they all undo
Lock your river in a cage
And act surprised when it all falls through"
-Swallowed the Key, Quadeca

(IDMTHY...) fav song is.... (soon)

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