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I am an AMATEUR!
I have not been on this App' very much due to all my other hobbies and now I have become a care giver for my 89 year young Mother-in-law. We were in Wisconsin for 7 weeks, as of New Year’s Day, packing, waiting for my mother to recover enough to leave the hospital so that we could bring her to our home inTexas. She is terminal. I am sorry and it may take me a while to check my stuff. I am going to try a little bit here and there.
I do however, love nature, always have. I live for the outdoors. I travel, hike, bike, camp, walk and clean a huge park. I own and operate a business with my husband of 30 years. We are so looking forward to enjoying nature and all of our other hobbies, together.
We dabble in many things, as we are a do-it-yourself as much as possible team.
I do not get much time to learn all the different things there is to know to differentiate the insects I come across but I do not let that stop me from posting what I have found.
I do not ID others items very much because I am not good at it. I am thankful to everyone who have been kind enough to ID what I post or tell me I have it wrong and some tell me why it may be wrong.
I love telling people about iNaturalsit. I tell them about all the cool and weird and wonderful things people upload every second, minute and hour of the day. Some are amazed!
The biodiversity of plants and animals and insects is truly amazing.

I also have read many articles on-line about what's going on in Nature and shared some of the Articles in my journal.

My biggest pet peeve is plastic in nature. I despise what it does to the scenery. I clean so much of it from our area. Also, how it effects creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans and how it hurts those living organisms within these places, as well as on land.

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