Jenn Drummond

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I'm a Houston native who's finally finding time to pay attention to all the growths and critters I've seen all my life. I'm a Texas Master Naturalist as of 2016, and am looking forward to using fewer question marks in my comments as time goes on! I'm pretty solid on common local and coastal/wetland birds, and on forest understory herbs and shrubs, but on many other things I'm just Googling and playing around with the auto-IDer.

I try to be really careful not to add a detailed ID if I have any doubts that it's a slam-dunk; but there are always mistakes, so feel free to correct me, because I'm happy to learn, and I hate to be responsible for bad data. Fortunately, my success rate seems to be pretty good so far.

In my other life, I'm a graduate student in the ecology and evolutionary biology program at Rice University. My main skills are in scientific programming (otherwise known as bioinformatics, hence my username!), and I'm starting to apply it to ecological genomics and environmental DNA sampling in in Dr. Adrienne Correa's lab:

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