Evan Barker

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Welcome to iNaturalist, I love you!

Did I put a wrong ID on your observation? Please correct me, I tend to go really fast! iNat has made it easy to ID tons of observations really quickly, so I do!

Please feel free to use any of my observation photos for any purpose. They are public domain.

Crediting the picture to me is nice, but not required.

Message me with your email if you'd like larger or unedited versions, or pictures pre-2016.

2016 was dedicated to my grandfather, Clayton "Bark" Barker. See: https://illinoisplants.org/illinois-botanists-big-year-2016/

I'm on and off iNat all the time, so @ me any time if you need help. My answers might be short if I'm in a hurry, but the opposite might be true as well.

Currently jamming on: Trillium recurvatum, Mertensia virginica, Packera glabella, Thlaspi arvense, Lepidium campestre, and of course; Smilax section: Nemexia.

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