Noelle and Don Congdon

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We enjoy gardening, hiking, and photography. iNaturalist weaves all these interests together. Having a way to identify the plants, fungi, and critters we see is wonderful. One way we share what we are learning is with our channel Botanical Treasures This year we also started creating some iNat projects. Our most popular project to date is We also have other projects featuring specific places: an urban arboretum near where we live, a flood plain in our neighborhood, and a botanical garden not far from the Arctic Circle. Exploration starts at home! However, we never know what strange yet familiar things we'll find when traveling.
Besides our interest in the great outdoors, we also have an interest in the Bible. Don has a podcast called Present Perfect Church History Wishing you all a rewarding year discovering nature!

The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it...

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