spring species hunt

This spring break I was one of a rare population of students who decided to get away to exotic Western Pennsylvania, in Pittsburgh. While I was there, I was in the company of some folks who work for Carnegie Mellon. We mostly stayed indoors because the weather was not very welcoming. Also while I was there, I was able to make some good connections for my future, and will be living there and shadowing for professional experience in the summer 2014. I had a great time on a few sight seeing trips in the car, ate some delicious food from the Strip District area, and played a few video games with my new summer roommie. Since the weather was as the yinzers refer to as frozen rain, which is different then snow, we didnt get a chance to do a mini-bioblitz.

After arriving back home in the bay, I found that someone had found a Bristly ox-tongue in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. On my walk from campus to home, I often see these. It might just look like a random weed. I thought it was boring, too, until I looked it up. Apparently, it's used as an antihelminthic drug, which is used to get parasitic worms out of the body. Gross! But, it's awesome.

(Link to observation that inspired me-- http://www.inaturalist.org/observations/603687 )

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