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On my Trip to the Briones Regional Park, I saw Mugwort. This plant has history recorded dating back to medieval Europe and as early as 3 BCE in China. The plant is used as food and medicine. It's even been used by native Americans; they burn Mugwort to purify the spiritual and physical environment. The leaves of the plant are used in meat rubs for flavor. On WebMD, the roots of Mugwort are listed as a 'tonic' for energy when brewed in a tea. Mugwort is also listed as a antidepressant and is supposed to help women during their menstrual cycle, according to the WebMD article. On the American Cancer Society website, Mugwort is listed as an agent that helps in gastrointestinal problems and might help in with sorts of cancer. Over all, it's really neat to have seen an ancient plant that has so many cool implications casually growing as a weed.


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