iNaturalist was my pandemic TARDIS - and I'm grateful

The worldwide crisis isn't really over yet, but at least the winter seems to be. (Mostly. Sort of. It's an Ohio thing; you might not understand. We can be a bit frugal here: I joke that we buy our weather in odd lots, so you never quite know what to expect.)

But at least the great outdoors is open now and starting to grow, bloom, chirp and buzz.

I must take a moment to say how grateful I've been for iNaturalist. While I've been trying to do my part with shelter-in-place, masks & social distancing, iNat has allowed me to travel in time and space. This has saved me from going any nuttier than my typical version of 'normal' :)

OK, my virtual travels were limited to my lifetime and places I've been. But I've revisited Alaska, the American southwest, our east & west coasts, Florida, the Caribbean, and France. Connected with great people in all of those places, as they helped identify my observations and even added them to projects. I've been back as far as 2013, and solved old mysteries which had previously defeated me.

iNaturalist is all of us - so to everyone I say: Thank you for helping me through a tough time!

Hawk Moth Bananaquit
Coati Hummingbird
Anole Kingbird
Quail Bee
Seal Crab

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