So much to learn!

Went for a walk with friends yesterday at a park which was new to me. Funny how the 1st time I go anywhere, I just don't see much wildlife. (Hear, yes - see, no!) I think it takes time for me to get acclimated to the place and really start to see.
One of my friends was fascinated with the fungi, so I ended up taking a lot of pictures. I also saw some neat mosses. With the tree leaves down, the sunlight is able to reach the ground. Life is exploding with urgency, no doubt well aware of the coming winter.
On posting the pictures, I found out how complicated fungi are, and how little I know about them!
There is so much to learn, and it's challenging because I am interested in everything. I can only hope that the community will be kind, and that I will be granted time on this side of the grass to learn.,Plantae

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