Persistent plant part

By definition, a persistent plant part is retained after its normal function has been completed. I created an observation field for persistent plant part, with the following values:

  • bud scales
  • calyx
  • frond
  • fruit
  • seed
  • strobilus
  • style

The set of values may change as I continue to use this observation field. In particular, I may come to regret having separate fields for fruit and seed. Since a fruit is a container for seeds, those two values necessarily overlap. In practice, I choose the plant part that dominates the photo evidence.

Comments welcome!

Publicado el jueves, 30 de noviembre de 2023 a las 12:02 PM por trscavo trscavo


This was a great addition. It will stop the the empty seed pod on the Witch Hazel.

Anotado por hollyyoung hace 3 meses

This is a great idea, since I have many of these. I enjoy going out all year long to ID the remnants of summer friends. I'm anxious to see how it develops. Thanks, Link

Anotado por linkmdavis hace 3 meses

@hollyyoung I just now finished a short summary of the persistent parts of common witch-hazel in wikipedia. It has a complex growing season, as you know.

Anotado por trscavo hace 3 meses

@linkmdavis feel free to tag me on any observations of plants with persistent parts. This will help "debug" the observation field.

Anotado por trscavo hace 3 meses

I reviewed a bunch of common witch-hazel yesterday and I quickly realized that the observation field was not up to the task. That species can have a persistent calyx and a persistent fruit in the same photo but an observation field can have only one value. To compensate, I added the value "calyx and fruit" to the observation field. I plan to make another pass through those observations and add "calyx and fruit" where appropriate. If that works, I will try solving the other problem I mentioned by adding "fruit and seed" to the observation field.

Anotado por trscavo hace 3 meses

This is good. I will delete any OFs I have created for Persistent seed(s) and, I think, Persistent fruit(s) and use this OF and its values.

Anotado por pdabell hace 3 meses

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