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My iPhone crashed during a software update. I had to restore it using an old backup and so I lost a bunch of photos in the process. Here's a short list of the new places I visited (but no photos):

  • The Nature Conservancy (TNC) owns a 215-acre parcel off Hackadam Road in the town of West Haven in Rutland County. I'll call it Hackett Dam Natural Area for lack of a better name. Here I found some unidentified ferns on the cliffs along the Poultney River.
  • Morristown Bog is a state-designated natural area off VT Route 100 in Lamoille County. It has more purple pitcher plants (Sarracenia purpurea) than I've ever seen in one place.
  • The town of Ferrisburgh in Addison County has two state parks and two wildlife management areas. In particular, the Little Otter Creek Wildlife Management Area is mentioned by Vogelmann in part 1 of Natural areas of Vermont [1964], I was looking for the green dragon (Arisaema dracontium) but didn't find it.
  • The Raven Ridge Natural Area (owned by TNC) consists of four parcels that straddle the Chittenden-Addison county line. The southernmost parcel is in the town of Monkton in Addison County. It's mostly a wetland but there's a mixed forest around the perimeter with an assortment of spring flowering plants.

I hope to revisit each of these places in the spring.

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I'm so sorry that happened. How frustrating!

Anotado por hollyyoung hace 5 meses

Thanks Holly. I might have to replace my phone if it keeps acting up...

Anotado por trscavo hace 5 meses

I would have loved to see those photos. I haven't been to any of the places you listen above.

Anotado por hollyyoung hace 5 meses

I'm sorry to hear that. Very frustrating! I hope your phone will be kinder to you from now on.

Anotado por tsn hace 5 meses

I'm so sorry to hear that you lost so many photos from such interesting sites. Have you tried asking a tech group (like All systems Repair in Winooski, my go-to tech people) to ask about restoration. Sometimes "gone" is just unavailable to us mere mortals. Yes, revisiting in the Spring also sounds like a good plan. Namaste.

Anotado por idragonflylady hace 5 meses

@tsn I had some maintenance done on my iPhone today, so maybe that will help, we'll see.

Anotado por trscavo hace 5 meses

@idragonflylady thanks for the tip, but the short story is that the photos are gone. The experience remains, however, which is why I wanted to record some of the details here, so I wouldn't forget.

Anotado por trscavo hace 5 meses

That's a real bummer; I know for me the photos I take are very precious.

Green dragon is the #1 plant I would like to see; it's included in Kate Carter's wildflower book, which is the book that got me really interested in wildflowers. It supposedly grows in the Ward Marsh area of West Haven as well.

Anotado por raffib128 hace 5 meses

Thanks @raffib128 the green dragon has been on my must-see list since the beginning. I just recently learned it occurs in the town of Ferrisburgh in Addison County. Both @susanelliott and @cgbb2004 have observed it in Rutland County, I think.

Anotado por trscavo hace 5 meses

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