Orchids in Vermont

I'm trying to learn the orchids (family Orchidaceae) in Vermont. Four of the six subfamilies recognized by iNaturalist have representation in Vermont as follows:

Subfamily Genera Taxa Observations
Apostasioid Orchids (Apostasioideae) 0 0 0
Slipper Orchids (Cypripedioideae) 1 5 1,812
Lower Epidendroid Orchids (Epidendroideae) 10 19 1,475
Orchidoid Orchids (Orchidoideae) 5 29 1,924
Higher Epidendroid Orchids (Vandoideae) 0 0 0
Pogonias and Vanilla Orchids (Vanilloideae) 2 3 123

The subfamilies are documented in a visual table for convenience:

If you find errors or discrepancies, please leave a comment. Thanks!

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This sounds like a fun and challenging project, which should keep you busy for some time!

Anotado por tsn hace 7 meses

Ha, I think you're right!

Anotado por trscavo hace 7 meses

Interesting and yes, challenging! Thought-provoking, as well. Your project sent me looking for other Orchidaceae subfamilies, and I found four. It looks as if Vermont has species in all except Apostasiodeae. Here are the other three:
Cypripediodeae https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/211065-Cypripedioideae
Vanilloideae https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/738349-Vanilloideae
Epidendroideae https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/738346-Epidendroideae/browse_photos
Wow! You've got your work cut out for you!

Anotado por cgbb2004 hace 7 meses

But thank you! It's already helped me think about how different species of orchids fit into the family!

Anotado por cgbb2004 hace 7 meses

Maybe I'll try Cypripediodeae next...that should be an easy one (famous last words).

Anotado por trscavo hace 7 meses

I going to enjoy watching your progress. And I'm sure I'll learn a lot too. Thanks for doing this!

Anotado por hollyyoung hace 7 meses

I can see you working on your Google Doc now 😊(Your cursor is red 😊.)
You are making great progress with Cypripediodeae!

Anotado por cgbb2004 hace 7 meses

@cgbb2004 thanks for looking :-) the slipper orchids were much easier to document than the orchidoid orchids.

Anotado por trscavo hace 7 meses

@trscavo Thanks for this! Very interesting :)

Anotado por micholoko hace 7 meses

Thanks @micholoko as it turns out, four of six subfamilies are represented in VT. I've sorted through 56 taxa spread across 18 genera. See the tables in the googledoc for details.

Anotado por trscavo hace 7 meses

Hi all. I rewrote the content of the journal article and completely rewrote the googledoc. Hope that helps.

Anotado por trscavo hace 7 meses

This is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you, @trscavo, for portraying the taxonomy of Vermont's Orchidaceae and linking to sources and observations! Yes, your revisions are helpful! An outstanding work!!! Thanks again!

Anotado por cgbb2004 hace 7 meses

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